OSOs & Radish's brush with fame

Radish in NYTimes Modern Love

During the summer, Logan and Scott moved into Radish. Scott was undergoing treatment for cancer and they didn’t want to go through it alone.

In Logan’s words:

“ I looked into the future and saw night after night of coming home to an empty apartment, numbing myself with pizza and Netflix, and thought: We can’t do this by ourselves.”

So we invited them to live at Radish. Our thinking: If community is about anything, it’s about taking care of people in hard moments. 

Logan - who happens to be a brilliant writer and soon-to-be bestselling author on modern relationships -  submitted the story to highly competitive NYTimes Modern Love column. And it was accepted! 

Read Logan’s touching piece about the role Radish played in this challenging chapter of their lives. 

She uses the term Other Significant Others (OSOs) to describe the members of the community. 

“Modern couples expect to get all of their needs met by one romantic partner, but that can put a lot of pressure on the relationship. In 2015, a team of psychologists, led by Elaine Cheung, found that relying on different people for discrete needs leads to happier relationships. Eli Finkel, another psychologist, coined a name for them: OSOs (Other Significant Others).”

We think the idea of an OSO is brilliant so we adopted it.

Here’s a PDF copy of the NYTimes piece if you get paywalled.

And Radish has room openings coming up. Especially if you know what to do with this pile of 93 bananas.

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