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"The first is simply choosing to live very close (like within 2 minute walk, max …) of another friend or family member in a similar life stage. I believe this is the highest bang-for-buck life hack out there … particularly with young kids. "

We have friends that moved on to land together; four adults, two babies. They rotate one day a week of child-care per adult and that is working really well for them.

My vision of this, that I yearn for...


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Baby happy hour 😆

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Did you do any kind of training to teach others to help with the baby? e.g. can everyone in the house now change diapers, mix formula/ thaw breastmilk, etc?

Also - When you say that anyone can take the baby monitor while you and Kristen go out, that means that they would presumably be on deck in case of emergency, right? Did you do any kind of emergency training, or is the idea that you and Kristen are always within a close distance?

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