Thanks @daniel for the case study!

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Really interesting Slack tools - and really wonderful comments in this section here.

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Thanks for the write-up! This sounds appealing but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it. I'm really curious about how this works in practice.

In our house, we use meetings to make decisions that wouldn't fall under things, chores, or hearts; for example:

• Reviewing/interviewing/deciding who moves in

• Establishing norms and policies (e.g. formal, like a guest policy, to informal, like how we label food)

• Resolving conflicting desires for shared resources (e.g. layout and use of common space)

We also have some responsibilities that have people in charge of them, because we need an external point of contact, a person empowered to make decisions efficiently, or a coordinator to organize information or logistics among many residents. Some examples:

• Finances

• Legal

• Maintenance and repairs

• Coordinating move-ins, move-outs, room swaps, giving out keys

• Handling deposits, damage & modification to rooms

• Security, health, safety

How do you handle these things with "no managers, no meetings"?

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