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I really appreciate the “fun” factor in most of the examples in your article. One of the practices I’m familiar with is Zegg Forum (https://geo.coop/story/zegg-forum-–-ritualized-form-communication-larger-groups)…One of it’s drawbacks is that it requires “expert” trained facilitators (that happens to be one of its strengths too, BTW) and the other is that standing up in front of a group and speaking one’s heart and mind freely and extemporaneously can be a tad terrifying for a good percentage of the population, (myself included)… So I’m always curious about more “populist”, simpler, more democratic, and funner means of building community trust, camaraderie and intimacy, like sharing circles, for instance…. Anywhoo, great piece, thanks!

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I love the concept of naming transitions to/from the community "matriculation and graduation." What a great framing!

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