Awesome 👏 Love little tricks and inventions like this.

Someone told me emoji is now the most widely spoken language in the world. I can see why!

Have to say tho... seeing all those messages about dirty cutlery and ruined chopping boards scared the hell out of me. I’ll never do co-live!

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In my opinion, washing the occasional dirty dish is a tiny price to pay for the abundant healthy home cooked meals, new friends, emotional support, and general amusement I get from coliving :)

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Sorry I wasn't very clear what I meant. I'm happy to clean. I'm actually a bit of a clean freak. What I couldn't handle now is other people not cleaning. And I also would just feel so petty having to send people message's about it. I think it's just my age. I've lived with friends and strangers in the past when I was younger and it was fine, but I think I prefer my own space now.

I do really enjoy reading SN though and hearing about how other people are thriving in co-lives. Your piece about why trying to be equal leads to unfairness really struck a chord, even useful for us as a couple as we've been keeping a spreadsheet to equalise our spending since we met 8 years ago and it's ended up, only now, making everything feel unfair. It's a WiP.

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