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Totally agree with your points and perspective Gillian and Phil! Why do we have to be so nitpickingly exclusive when we’re trying to build something inclusive?

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Thank you.

I am, and I believe you are, on a beautiful and complex journey to question and shape living arrangements.

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πŸ‘πŸ» thank you for this!!

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> All should be applauded.


Nonetheless, there is an important, significant distinction.

I think moderns tend to be rootless, transient, hypermobile.

Rootedness and groundedness would require going back to feeling an identity with and a commitment to a particular place-on-earth.

Stability . . . in a community of familar others. Enduring commitment to a particular place over time, ideally even over generations. "My family, my extended family, my neighbors-in-community, love this place, we come from this place, we care for this place." A bioregional sensibility.

Transient co-living, which provides support and home for a period of life, is great. It's just not the same thing as what I've described above. What I've described above would constitute a significant cultural shift.

Steven Welzer

East Windsor, NJ

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