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This is very helpful! So excited to have found this from Anne Helen Peterson’s Substack Culture Study!

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glad you're here! We're excited for Anne to interview Phil soon.

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Hi Phil & Gillian: I just came back from 1 month of co-living in https://Zuzalu.city , would love to write a case study of the community. Where can I find the template?

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Hi Amber, would love to see a case study for Zuzalu! I was there for a bit too :)

Here's the template we look for:

Date founded:


Rented or owned:

Amount of space (number of beds/baths, any notable amenities):

Governance: a one-sentence description of how decisions get made

Origins: A little something about why the project was founded and who came together to do it

Inner workings: how you handle finances, chores, governance

Lessons learned: this is often best communicated through storytelling: share the experiences that made your community what it is

You can send this to heyo@gosupernuclear.com

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Ooo, the idea of "The Abundance Mentality" in your Coming Soon section sounds fascinating!

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