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Our guide to coliving is divided into “The Hard Stuff” and “The Soft Stuff.” The Hard Stuff will appeal to the left side of your brain: Legal and financial structures, finding property etc. The Soft Stuff will tickle the right side of your brain: Managing conflict, decision-making, etc.

We solemnly vow to leave no side of your brain untickled.

We’re also including a series of case studies to help you understand how individual communities run.

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Opening remarks from the editors

The Hard Stuff

The Soft Stuff

Case studies written by community founders:

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The Hard stuff

  • An Essay on Pragmatism: Sorry, you can not have your tiny home village in San Francisco. Here’s why.

  • Building consensus among buyers

  • Resources: sample lease, sample pro forma, sample LLC docs, search tools for property

The Soft Stuff

  • Setting Values (e.g. emergent vs upfront)

  • The Abundance Mentality

  • How to be a great guest in a community

  • Lovers, family, friends: how to deal with non-resident members and guests

  • MVP Coliving tryouts: getting a house for 1+ months with a chosen community (great for COVID-19 times!)

  • OMG Kids

  • Food share systems

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= Help wanted: Articles we want contributed by readers =

Slide right into our electronic mail DMs —

  • Case study of your community (we’ll give you a template and send you a gift!)

  • Design porn: Pinterest board of your space

  • Interesting experiments you’ve run in your coliving communities

  • Downfalls: Did you coliving community face-plant epically? Tell us about it so others don’t make the same mistakes.

  • Anything else you feel passionate about sharing

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