News x2 for people interested in co-buying property with friends

First, I’m doing a Webinar on the co-buying process for the Foundation for Intentional Community.

Feb 9th, 12pm PT / 3pm ET

I’ll share the great triumphs and even greater screw-ups of how Radish went from a dream to a compound co-owned by a dozen people. There will be romance, intrigue, and Limited Liability Corporations.

We’ll cover general tips for getting this done in your situation - including The Who, The What, The How, and The Where. By the end, even this crazy diagram of possible legal structures will make sense.

Register here:

$20 suggested donation, which gets split between FIC and the District Commons - two orgs which support community initiatives worldwide. 

(And yes, I did give a version of this talk a few months ago which you can see here. This will be very similar with time for questions and discussion at the end.)

Second, a special offer: Supernuclear gives you 1:1 coaching to help your group co-buy a property (for free!)

[free = the coaching, not the property]

For this one, we’ll get up close and personal. 

We believe more people should own homes together. So we are putting our time where our mouth is (?) by giving away some free 1:1 coaching.

We’ll help you work through some of the common blockers such as:

  1. How do I find a good property for a group?

  2. Who’s a good agent to work with?

  3. Where can we get a loan as a group?

  4. What should our legal structure be?

While we do have some articles on these topics, every situation is going to be a bit different.

To be considered, please fill out this form. The catch: We’ll ask you to write up your experience. 

We will prioritize groups that are “ready to go” - who know what they want and know who they are buying with. 

You can find the directory of the articles we’ve written and plan to write here.